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About Developer East&West International Group

In the Abu Dhabi house world, the East&West International Group shines for their top service and making buyers happy. Every job they do shows their sharp focus and wish to make things just right. They aim to make homes that are more than just walls - places where people's dreams grow and where they make memories for life. They offer a mix of homes for living and places for work, and care about being green, saving power, and being kind to the world.

Best Properties by East&West International Group

The best works by the East&West International Group  include the AL ARABIYA TOWER and the AL QURM COMPOUND. The AL ARABIYA TOWER, with its great extras and smart spot, gives a fancy way of living. In the same way, the AL QURM COMPOUND is loved for its calm space and great features, making it a sweet spot for families and workers. Here is their descriptions:  

  • AL ARABIYA TOWER: Located in Al Khalidiya, this premium tower was completed in Q4 2019, offering move-in ready apartments with beautiful views in a prestigious neighborhood.
  • HANGING GARDEN TOWER: A remarkable development with a completion date in the fourth quarter of 2011, located in Abu Dhabi.
  • ARABIAN GULF TOWER: Situated in Al Zahiyah, this project was also set to be completed in the fourth quarter of 1993.
  • DEFENSE ROAD BUILDING: Located in Al Nahyan Camp, this building was completed in the fourth quarter of 2019.
  • AL QURM COMPOUND: This compound in Al Qurm was completed in the second quarter of 2017.


Economic Attractiveness of East&West International Group

Putting money into East&West International Group's places is a smart choice. They make spots that look good and last, pulling in lots of investors and buyers. Their places are made to fit what people want today, so putting money in is safe and can make you money. The clever ways East&West International Group uses keep them ahead in selling homes, so their places are in high demand.

At East&West International Group, the home you dream of is waiting. If you want to put money in a fancy flat or get a new space for work, East&West has great homes for you. Call F&C properties today to see how our top agents can guide you with East&West International Group. Get pro help - a call or text is all it takes. Start now and find your new home with us!




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