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About Developer Alef Group

Alef Group is a group that offers life experiences. They set high marks in real estate. They help Sharjah's dreams by making projects folks can enjoy living in and where buyers can invest safely. Their big works are Al Mamsha and Hayyan, each with special ways to live and shop. They show Alef's work in making fancy, new spaces for today's people.

The Price of Properties by Alef Group

Alef Group offers properties with prices ranging from one million to thirty million AED. This is suitable for a wide range of budgets, from modest homes for families to extravagant mansions. It is their goal to fulfill the requirements of a variety of consumers.


Best Properties by Alef Group

Alef Group has a lot of properties, each cool in its way. Here are the top three:

1. Hayyan: Hayyan is a big project by Alef Group. With 8.7 million sq. ft. and super extras, it offers great living in Sharjah. The project will have the biggest pool in the emirate at 50,000 sq. ft., and the biggest park in a living area. With 1,836 villas in three zones, Hayyan has homes from 7-bedroom to 2-bedroom. Plus, it has gardens, shops, eateries, sports, and a club by a lagoon.

2. Al Mamsha: Al Mamsha by Alef Group is a top-notch area that mixes living, shopping, and fun. It covers 3 million sqft, with 500,000 sqft for retail. It has different parts like Al Mamsha Souks and Al Mamsha Seerah, with 1,699 units in three buildings. This place is not just for living but also full of life, with shopping and fun mixed in.

Each property shows Alef Group's idea of making more than buildings – they make places that make life better. If you want a fine home or a chance to put money in Sharjah's real estate, these are great choices. F&C Properties' people can help you learn more and make a smart pick.


Economic Attractiveness of Alef Group's Properties

Alef Group's homes are good for life and for your wallet. They were named in the Top 50 GCC Developers List 2021 by Construction Week magazine, showing they help the economy in GCC lands grow. Their projects, like Al Mamsha, are popular even when times are tough, like with COVID-19. This shows the real estate game in Sharjah is strong.

Alef Group has lots to pick from, like fancy villas and cool flats. Their focus on good work, new ideas, and careful planning makes them a smart pick for putting money in UAE real estate. F&C Properties can help you see what Alef Group offers. Our people are here with advice and help. Get in touch today to start on getting a piece of this top real estate.




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