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About Developer Aldar

Established in 2004, Aldar Homes PJSC has led the way in making some famous and smart plans in Abu Dhabi. With lots of different work, Aldar covers homes, shops, and places to have fun and relax, each made for a special way of living. Their work is all about making lasting, full of life towns that help the area grow in money and society.

The Price of Properties by Aldar

To buy an Aldar house is to join in Abu Dhabi's big move up. The costs of Aldar's homes match many wallets. From fancy houses to cozy flats, each place's cost looks at where it is, what extras it has, and how well it's built. Buyers and cash putters can find choices that fit their money plan, with fair costs and easy pay ways. Here are some examples of apartments’ prices by Aldar:

Rosso Bay⠀

Location: Al Marjan Island (Ras Al Khaimah Emirate)

Developer: Aldar

Price: from AED 1,760,000

Type of property: Apartments, Penthouses

Nikki Beach⠀

Location: Al Marjan Island (Ras Al Khaimah Emirate)

Developer: Aldar

Price: from AED 2,370,000

Type of property: Apartments, Sky Villas


Location: Al Barari

Developer: Aldar

Price: from AED 2,400,000

Type of property: Villas, Townhouses 


Best Properties by Aldar

Aldar Homes is known for its varied and high-grade group of buildings. Here are some top spots, each with special bits and ways of life:

1. Yas Island: Not just houses, Yas Island is all about fun and action. It's where you find Yas Marina Circuit, Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. It has cool flats and fancy houses near top-level spots, great for those who love living full-on and happy.

2. Al Raha Beach: Al Raha Beach brings new meaning to living by the sea in Abu Dhabi. With top-end flats, houses, and villas that give you views of the Arabian Gulf. It’s easy to get to the city, with beach clubs, boat docks, and malls.

3. Alghadeer: Near Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Alghadeer is all about being green and lasting. It's right for those who like a less waste life with flats and houses in nature, with its own farms, shops, schools, and places to play and relax, for all you need day by day.

Aldar's homes show their commitment to top work, luxury, and a full life. At F&C Homes, we know Aldar’s work well and can help you pick your perfect home or cash spot in these best spots. Call us to see what Aldar has best.


Economic Attractiveness of Aldar's Properties

Aldar's places are more than just homes; they're part of a fast-growing money place. Abu Dhabi's real estate is stable and could make good money, making it good for cash putters. Aldar’s plan to make full towns with schools, shops, and fun places adds worth to their homes, making sure a great life and strong cash chances.

At F&C Homes, we get how key it is to choose right for your home or cash spot. Our team of pros is here to guide you through Aldar's choices, to find the place that fits your needs best. Looking for a family spot or a cash chance, call us for personal help and smart tips.




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