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About Developer Al Zorah Development

With 17 years' work behind it, the Al Zorah Company does more than just build homes. It's a creative force in city design. This team-up of Ajman's people in charge and the world-famous Solidere International changes simple spots into places full of life and charm. They build close to nature, making top homes that also boost togetherness and the care of the planet.

The Price of Properties by Al Zorah Development

The Al Zorah holds many top projects, for instance:

Sealine Residences: Right in Al Zorah City, this 10-floor home block has 1-3 room flats and a big 4-room house at the top. Home sizes go from 924 sq. ft. to a huge 4,500 sq. ft. Prices fit the high-end living and great extras these homes give.

The Sealine Residences are loved not just for their look but also their calm setting, full of green trees and wide swamps. Each place is made for a top living that fits the pretty world around it.


Best Properties by Al Zorah Development

The Al Zorah Development Company is all about top-notch living, and you can see it in their cool mix of projects. Each one blends nature's charm with cool stuff for a modern life. Check out their best work, which shows off how good they are at making spots where people love to live:

Al Zorah Golf Club: This fancy club isn't just for golf lovers; it's also about living the good life and kicking back. Known for awesome services and pretty views. It makes the nearby Golf Estate Projects even nicer to live in. This is the place to be for a calm but fun life.

Golf Estate Projects: Right by the Al Zorah Golf Club, these house areas offer fancy homes with views of the neat golf greens. It's perfect for folks wanting a mix of chill time and fanciness, fitting for families or anyone who likes the quiet of a golf spot.

Pavilion: Right in the heart of Al Zorah's big project, the Pavilion is where all the social and cultural action is. With a cool design, it's got shops, places to eat, and fun stuff for all ages. It's a top spot for community events, making the local vibe better.

These projects all have their own cool stuff, and they make Al Zorah a go-to place in Ajman. Whether you want a home, an investment, or just some leisure time, the Al Zorah Development Company keeps on doing great work, creating top living and investment chances in the area.

Economic Attractiveness of Al Zorah Development

The Al Zorah is made to be more than a living place – it's set to bring in money and is a good choice for investing. It’s mixed with luxury, lasting life, and people-focused parts, making it wanted by buyers and those living there. Always making new work, it keeps lifting home worth and life quality.

Want to check out the fancy living at Al Zorah? Call our ace team at F&C Homes now! See how to join this top circle. We offer expert help and care just for you, for you to find your dream home. Get in touch today and start living in style at Al Zorah.

With new ideas and Ajman's natural sea charm, the Al Zorah keeps making what high living means. For buyers or investors, this place has unique things for all.




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