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About Masaar

In the green comforts of Al Suyoh Suburb, Sharjah, Masaar is an exceptionally designed villa community. Established to offer a quiet getaway from the hectic life in UAE, Masaar is the masterpiece of peace and luxury living. It provides a green haven within which families and singles can enjoy the peace and comfort of a community which is a harmonious blend of nature and modern facilities.

20 MinutesDXB Airport
15 MinutesDubai Mall
27 MinutesDowntown
15 MinutesBurj Arab

Guide to the Idyllic Realm of Masaar

Masaar is intended to be an elaborate collection of eight gated communities, each being a lush garden full of verdant greenery and buzzing life. A creation of Arada Developments LLC, which is one of the most famous developers, this community is a model for healthy and green living. In a strategic location, Masaar is adjacent to the main roads, allowing a hassle-free passage to the thriving city center and beyond too. It’s this unique synergy of tranquil seclusion and city convenience that makes it a perfect home for those who love a life balance.

Economic Attractiveness of the Rapidly Developing Masaar

Masaar has become a premier real estate investment option in the old Sharjah area. The smart home technology of the latest generation and the vast range of on-site comforts make it an ideal place to live. This community is a dream for the investors who live in the midst of a habitat forest with approximately 50,000 trees. High yield in investment with its prestigious Golden Visa option makes Masaar the golden chance in the realty world.


Landmarks and Exquisite Residential Projects in Masaar

Masaar is home to several distinguished residential projects: Masaar is home to several distinguished residential projects:

Sendian: A charming town, built to serve the needs of families- every house is a short walk to plenty of green areas and an array of amenities.

Kaya: Ecopark Living, the dream of all nature lovers, with the apartments directly connected to the park and other conveniences, such as rooftop terraces and private pools.

Robinia: By applying the traditional design methods of Vastu Shastra, the Robinia leisure complex is an amalgamation of nature and architecture, which consists of vacation homes and villas.

The option of Renting on Masaar

The rental market in Masaar is far from just being a posh area. It is also as diverse as it is luxurious. With its variety of elite accommodations including luxurious one-bedroom apartments and 5-bedroom villas, Masaar accommodates the needs of a broad range of customers, from average Joe to high-budget customers. The neighborhood market's forecast growth and future projects in general promise opportunities for competitive and stable rental markets.

Just like the charm of renting in Masara.

What fills my soul is, that whenever I am barefoot in the peaceful land of Masaar, living in Masaar is more than it seems to be. It is an experience for someone fulfilling his heartfelt desire to be in a vicinity that enables him to relish the tranquility of a natural habitat and satisfy his urban life demands at the same time. The closeness to the entertainment centers like the malls: Nasma Central, Safari Mall Sharjah, and Al Khan Beach entertains people so all the shopping, food, and other activities are at hand to enrich life.

The Entrance into The Masaar Move to the quiet beauty; discover the modern conveniences at Masaar. We can localize your search with the F&C Properties team and make sure you have a chance of finding your paradise home here. Masaar is the place to be for anybody looking for tranquility and community connection; pay a visit to F&C Properties to find out more and get started on your peaceful and connected lifestyle in Masaar.




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