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About Al Warsan

Al Warsan is a residential area that is not only mixed-used but it is also urban convenience and leisure activities that are unforgettable in Dubai, UAE. Settled close to Dubai International City, the villa provides a calm setting which is known by the fighting lakes like Warsan's Lake and Al Khor Road & Ras Mohammed Bin Zayed Road link with it. Located on Al Warsan Street, the area offers four distinct communities that cater both to a multicultural population as well as an "apart from the hustle and bustle" lifestyle for its residents, juxtaposing modern vibes with calm ones.

45 MinutesDxb Airport
32 MinutesDowntown Dubai
56 MinutesBurj Al Arab
29 MinutesDubai Mall

Rents in Al Warsan

With a variety of rental spaces including affordable apartments as well as large villas, Al Warsan caters to all budgets. Studio apartments start from AED 16,000 per year, with 2-bedroom ones at approximately AED 76,000 per annum. In the most popular area of Warsan 4, studio to 3-bedroom apartments can cost from AED 17,000 to AED 55,000 per annum. This scope of solutions makes it possible to rent apartments reasonably both for singles, couples, and families in Dubai.

Cause of Renting an Apartment in Al Warsan

The attraction of Al Warsan is in its affordable housing, variety of people, and walking distance from the other parts of the city. This neighborhood is ideal for individuals who need a peaceful place with easy access to urban facilities. The closeness of Bayside Apartments to Dubai’s attractions and essential amenities, together with its community-focused environment, makes it a perfect option for families and professionals among others.

Discover the wide range of accommodation solutions in Al Warsan by F&C Properties. Our professional staff are here to lead you through the most desirable rental options in this lively neighborhood. Call us for the customized help that will lead you to your dream house in Al Warsan estate.

Guide to Al Warsan

Al Warsan, which is situated beside the International City and partly incorporates an industrial area, now has metamorphosed into a colorful lifestyle community with a full social life. The transition, which emphasizes the contribution of this area to Dubai’s further plunge into urbanization, at the same time accentuates its significance.

At the moment the area has become more well-known for its affordable property choices and housing demand which makes it grow fast. The transformation of the place of the Al Warsan well is a showcase of the residential area becoming the new hub for investment through various diversified income generating opportunities.


Economical appeal of Al Warsan

The varied mesh-up that comes about with the coexistence of industrial spaces and residential developments is what makes it an exciting urban community. Its affordable housing units, newly built architectural surroundings, and recreational options are some of the reasons that contribute to its appearance as an ideal home for many. Its location is away from the central part of the city, but at the same time, it is also well connected by major highways, giving its character as a nice, affordable, and close living area.

Landmarks and Daily Living Spaces

Al Warsan is not only a residential area but also a destination for spending leisure time and getting cultural experience. Key landmarks include:

Warsan Lake: A quiet place for relaxation and walks along the road, with the ideal place for spending some time alone or with family in the city.

Dubai Plant Souq: This market is a gardeners’ paradise where they can find a multitude of plants, flowers, and gardening supplies.

Desert Palm Polo Club: It's located in Warsan 2 and is ranked high by polo and equestrian enthusiasts.

Warsan Mosque: The mosque is a landmark of the culture and is particularly known for its architectural design and peaceful environment.




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