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Al Attar Properties Properties for Sale in Dubai

Al Attar Homes, a well-known property development and rent company, has made a big mark in the United Arab Emirates' market. As a key part of the Al Attar Group of Companies, it keeps up a history of top service and new ideas in the lively cities of Dubai and Sharjah. Over time, Al Attar Homes has gotten really good at giving high-quality places to live, work, and shop at good prices, reaching a broad range of buyers.

About Developer Al Attar Properties

Al Attar Homes works hard to make city views better and has more than ten years of creating amazing places to live, work, and shop. They work well with firms here and in other places to make their projects better. This means each new building is not just made, but carefully planned to meet the changing needs of the community. The firm's promise to be the best shows in its big list of work, which includes modern homes and workspaces that lead the way in the field.

The Price of Properties by Al Attar Properties

The Skyscraper, Business Bay, Dubai:

Price: Starting from AED 1,200 per square foot.

The Skyscraper is a 65-floor tower that will change Dubai's skyline, offering fancy work space. It sits in a key spot in Business Bay with good things like fast internet and lots of parking, giving great views and a top spot for business.

Polaris Tower, Business Bay, Dubai:

Price: Apartments start at AED 750,000.

Polaris Tower offers a mix of home and work spaces across 30 floors. It has everything from quick lifts to rooftop pools, good for workers and families wanting an active place to live and work.

Vue De Lac, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai:

Price: Studios starting from AED 500,000.

This lively spot provides living units with new extras like a rooftop pool, gym, and quick internet, in the wanted area of Jumeirah Lake Towers. Jumeirah Village, Dubai:

Price: Villas start at AED 1.5 million.

With a true neighborhood vibe, Jumeirah Village has a mix of houses and linked homes with places for everyone, parks, and nice paths, perfect for family life and community fun. 

Best Properties by Al Attar Properties

In their great range, The Tall Building and Star Tower shine with their smart design and key spots. These places not only have the best extras but also open doors to busy business groups. Lake View Homes and Jumeirah Village are also big, offering top home comfort and life extras for all the needs of the people who live there.

Economic Attractiveness of Al Attar Properties

Al Attar Homes means good property buys. Their buildings are in the best money spots, making them liked by both investors and people living there. The mix of new extras, good prices, and nice community bits make Al Attar Homes a nice choice for those wanting growth and steadiness in their money.

Discover chances with Al Attar Homes. Whether you want a home for your way of life or an investment to grow, our expert team at F&C Homes are here to help you at every step. Call or write to us now and get help that fits your needs. Join us in making a fun future in one of the UAE's top places.




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