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Figure Out Your Affordability

Determining the basic and additional costs should be the first step. Set a budget based on the different costs associated with renting, including Ejar Fees (around AED 220), a 5-10% security deposit, moving fees, agency fees (5-8% of the first annual rent), and DEWA fees (around AED 130 non-refundable). These considerations matter when figuring out your budget.


Explore Different Options

Talk to your friends & family for recommendations and consider the type of property & its connectivity when looking for options. Community matters as well. Find an experienced agent and share your requirements. They will recommend the best properties as per your preferences.


Arrange a Property Visit with Your Agent

Your agent will provide multiple community & property options in your budget. Schedule property viewing, which the agent handles for you. Visit the property to see if it meets your requirements.


Make an Offer

Once you find the right property, make an offer and ask your agent to negotiate on your behalf. Decide on the price & the number of cheques you will pay it in. Contract start date & duration may also be discussed. Provide the deposit amount after that.


Look at the Terms of the Rent

The terms of the tenancy contract are drafted after the initial agreement, complying with Dubai’s tenancy laws. A 5% security deposit is submitted for unfurnished properties, while 10% is submitted for furnished units.


Sign the Contract

Both parties must sign the contract once they are satisfied with the terms. Rent cheques will be handed over to the landlord, and agency commission is paid. Keys & access cards are handed over to you, with both parties getting a copy of the rental contract.


Ejari Registration

This is a must for renting a property in Dubai and is needed for visa renewals. Ejari Registration requires the original tenancy contract & Title Deed, along with passport copies for tenant & landlord and a copy of your Emirates ID.


DEWA Requirements

Connecting with DEWA requires you to submit documents needed by the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, including passport copies for tenant & landlord, DEWA Form, title deed, and a setup fee of AED 130. A refundable deposit of AED 2,000-4,000 is also required based on property type.


Move in!

Some developers may need an NOC from the person moving into the property. After that, you can be ready to move in. Make sure you understand building regulations and share any issues you find with your agent & landlord. The property should be handed to you in a habitable condition.

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