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Iman Properties for Sale in Dubai

In 2016, Iman Developers quickly made a name in Dubai's housing world with their standout building styles and top-notch homes. They aim to build fancy spots to live that mix new tech with global safety ways, so every place is a work of now style and ease.

About Iman Developers

Known as one of Dubai's best home makers, Iman Developers is all about making great homes that meet the likes and wants of their people. Their work, with new looks, the best build rules, and great care for buyers, has gotten them a name for being top-notch in their field. From Oxford Homes to Oxford Big Homes, each job shows their push for great work and making buyers happy.

The Price of Properties by Iman Developers

Iman Developers have a mix of spots, with costs that change by job and home type. For example, the Oxford Homes flats begin at near AED 445,000. Costs for other jobs like Iman Oxford Road and Iman Oxford Big Homes are to ask for, showing they're fancy and come with top-line perks.

Best Properties by Iman Developers

Iman Developers are known for their amazing spots in Dubai, with a mix of fancy, ease, and new perks. Here's a close look at some of their top homes:

1. Oxford Homes: Oxford Homes is a hit in the Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), offering a calm and quiet place for families. The job has many types of homes, from one-room studios to two-room flats. It's made with a mind for snug inside rooms and shared living, with things like a warm pool, a play spot, and areas to relax and meet.

2. Oxford Road: Oxford Road is a cutting-edge flat complex, in Jumeirah Village Circle too. It has smart home tech, bettering life with new ease. The complex has perks like a pool, yoga place, gym, BBQ zone, and a top garden. It has choices of studio, one-room, and two-room flats, with living areas from 420 to 1,270 sqft.

3. Oxford Big Homes: Oxford Big Homes by Iman in Jumeirah Village Circle is a low-rise big home area giving a peaceful feel. The job has 12 three-floor houses, each with a garden and parking for two cars. These homes are roomy, from 3,337 to 3,617 sqft, and have 4 bedrooms, big closets, baths, and fun spots on different floors.

These homes by Iman aren't just for living; they're made to boost how their people live, with a mix of luxury, ease, and community. Each job shows Iman's push for quality, comfort, and design greatness. Whether you want a family place or a chance to put money in, these homes have a range to fit different needs and likes.


Economic Attractiveness of Iman Developers' Properties

Iman's places look good and also good for your wallet. They have fair prices even with the great quality of their homes, so they're open to more buyers. The firm's on-time job finish and sticking to top building rules make their spots a smart money choice in Dubai's housing market.

Putting money in a home made by Iman means choosing quality, luxury, and comfort. With their range of home jobs offering different perks and styles, there's something for all. For those keen to look more at these places, our crew at F&C Properties is ready to help with pro advice. Don't wait to talk to our agents for help to find your dream house or a spot to put money in with Iman.

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