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About Developer Arada Properties

Arada has made a name for being a builder that puts smart design and green living first. They have a big role in Sharjah, working hard to turn the city into a busy place known around the world. Big works like Aljada, a huge development in the Muwaileh area, and Nasma Homes, have got a lot of people interested in buying and putting money in. Their way mixes designs for customers, great spots, and care for nature.

The Price of Properties by Arada Properties

Arada's homes have different price choices for different budgets. For example, in their Aljada project, prices for places like Areej Apartments start at around AED 720 for every square foot. On the other hand, fancier places like Vida Homes Aljada start at about AED 880 for every square foot. These prices show Arada's promise to offer good homes at different price levels.


Best Properties by Arada Properties

Arada Homes has made some top homes, each with special things to offer to many kinds of customers. Here's a closer look at some of their top homes:

1. Bareem Houses (Nasma Homes): These houses mix old Arab roots with modern style. They have 4BR and 5BR choices, including special 4BR Sama Majlis Houses. Right in the middle of Sharjah's new area, they are perfect for families, giving both private space and the feel of living with others. They come with parks for families, paths for running, and are close to top schools like GEMS School.

2. Nasma Homes: This top home project in the Al Tayy part of Sharjah has 2-5 bedroom homes and row houses. Known for big spaces with big ceiling lights and wide glass windows, these homes are close to shops, parks, and schools, great for family life. The project also gives easy ways to get to Sharjah's big mall, Tilal Mall, and works with GEMS School for school needs.

3. Misk Flats (Aljada): In Aljada, Sharjah, these fancy homes have 1, 2, and 3-bedroom flats and huge top-level flats. Misk Flats are known for their new style and space that can change, good for families and pairs. The place is surrounded by spots for food, fun, and buying things, making living there handier and better.

Each of these homes shows Arada's focus on good quality, being green, and new ideas, making them some of the top homes to look for in the area. For more info or to see these homes more, you can go to Arada's main web page or talk to housing pros who can give advice just for you.

Economic Attractiveness of Arada Properties's Properties

Arada's homes stand out for giving a mix of fancy living, good places, and a fun life for good prices. The places are in areas that have big chances to grow, making them look good to people who want to buy homes or put money in. The extras and focus on green living add lasting worth to these places, making them a smart pick for putting in money.

For help from pros on these nice homes and to see what you can pick, just ask our agents at F&C properties. We are here to give you help just for you and to help you find the best home or place to put money in that fits what you want and need. Get in touch for more info and let us guide you through the fun world of housing with Arada Homes.




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